What to Expect

Posted: September 4, 2014 in Blog

You need to realize something about me. I’m a horror nut. Well, in general I am a self proclaimed cinephile and theatre nut in general. But, man, I love my horror. Watching it, writing and creating it- all aspects I adore. In general this blog will be dedicated to two things. 

1.) Horror, and my journey with it. 

To elaborate, I plan on reviewing things in the horror world. From films, games, to theatrical productions and haunted houses. I’m going to try my best to make these consistent as far as release times go. Many of these reviews I am planning on going hand in hand with vlogs I wish to start on my YouTube channel. 

I’ll also be discussing what it is like to be a writer, aspiring makeup artist, and actor of horror. I have worked haunted houses for ten years this season. This year (2014) I’ll be working Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare in Villa Park, IL. I also have an ongoing project that I started as my senior thesis in college on the evolution of horror as a theatrical art form, that I someday hope to publish as a book. I will blog about the process of that as well.

And who knows, I may even write a short story from time to time. 


2.)Blogs about me personally. My hopes and dreams, as well as what I am doing to achieve them and sometimes just random thoughts and what-not because WHY not. 

I’ll probably review other films, and works I see as well from time to time. 



Those two things are mainly what you are in store for when you visit this blog. At least ,that is my initial intention at the moment. 

There are a few other things you should probably know about me off the bat- that you’d probably find out anyway. Along with film, horror, and literature I also have a huge passion for Mesozoic life- namely dinosaurs. I am also a big comic book fan, specifically a Batman fan. 


That’s really it for now. My first review will be on the latest horror film to hit theatres- As Above/So Below. So be sure to check back soon. 



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