Horrors Past Part 1: Best AHS Protagonists

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Horror Blog
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Well, we are only two weeks away from Freak Show and I am as excited as ever. The last week I have been rewatching the first two seasons (which I have the DVDs for) and waiting for the third to be released (it comes out Oct 7th by the way.)

In anticipation for the new season I thought it’d be cool to look back on the past seasons and pick out the “bests” from each. So this week I’m going to [try] and post a new part over the next few days. Part one is best protagonists, part two will be best antagonists/villains, part three will be best character archs, and part four will deviate slightly and I’m going to list the top F’ed up scenes in AHS we’ve had thus far. For each part I’ll try and limit it to at least three characters, otherwise you guys would be here for a while!

So let us begin! Oh and, uh, spoilers.


3.) Vivian Harmon

First up on my list is Vivian from season one of AHS. Where to begin. Before the season even starts she loses a baby. Then she has to deal with a cheating husband, a troubled teenage daughter, and moving to a new house. Oh, and that new house? It’s a literal hell on earth. She gets raped there, almost murdered, tormented by the ghosts and demons of the house, finds out her husband cheated to her again, basically starts to lose her mind or believes she is starting to, and finally gives birth to twins- one of them probably being the anti-Christ and subsequently dies. Did I miss anything?

Jeeze, this poor woman goes through EVERYTHING in this season. Now, she doesn’t always handle these bad situations the best or the most logical… I don’t believe most people ever could. Through all of it she tried to remain strong and level headed but towards the end of the season it all just kind of caught up with her. It wore away at her. But the entire season we saw a woman who, for a while, was trying to salvage her marriage and forgive her husband. We wanted her to get better and make it through this. But in AHS fashion… she did not.

2.) Kit Walker

Switching teams to the good side in season two of AHS, Evan Peters brings us Kit- who is a down to earth (heh…) blue collar guy trying to battle the tide of the times, and the a-holes who flow with it when all of a sudden- BAM, he’s abducted by aliens and experimented on. When he comes back to earth he’s accused of not only murdering his wife (who has been apparently skinned alive) but also being the notorious Bloody Face murderer. He is then sent to Briarcliff asylum, where he has to endure the torment and brutality of Sister Jude and the other staff members of the facility. From then on it is a fight to prove his innocence, escape and stay alive as the season pans out.

Peters brought us a truly hateable character the first season, and in AHS: Asylum he does exactly the opposite. He brings us a character that is sincere and enduring and kind. One that we are constantly hoping will make it out of the hellish situation(s) he is finding himself in the entire season. And even after he DOES finally escape the asylum, and we think all will be well his world is flipped again with Alma killing Grace and subsequently ending up in Briarcliff herself. But Kit continues to be a good hearted guy by not only doing a great job of raising his kids by himself but also taking in a tormented Sister Jude and helping her find herself again. After all of it; after everything he went through… the killer that got him was cancer.

Kit was a great character that we all sympathized with and rallied behind because he was such a great character- not because we could relate in any way. He had a real soul to him and truly was one of the “good” characters of any season of AHS thus far.

1.) Lana Winters

THIS WOMAN. Okay, now she isn’t always the BEST character- in fact she has many many selfish moments in the season. But MAN is she strong, and you are a lying lie face if you say you never once wanted her to make it out alive. I wish Vivian would have been as strong as Lana is because if she was it would have been, like, one of the best female characters ever created.  And Sarah Paulson is just perfect as this character and really brings Lana to life. The drive and emotion is always there with her in every scene and it’s wonderful to see.

This character has grit. She goes through nearly the same amount of torment as Kit, except exchange the experimenting and probing by aliens to torture and rape by a psychopathic murderer.

Throughout it all though she maintains that tough composure, with the end goal to unmask Bloody Face as well as blow the lid off of the corruption and evils of Briancliff Asylum. And she does. She does it all, and still has one more battle in her as she comes face to face with her now murderous son who is also the son of Bloody Face. And what does she do? She shoots him in the face. BAM. That took major stones.
Lana is a wonderful character that is well rounded and enjoyable. She’s witty, smart, and brutal when she needs to be. She’s the type of heroine I love to see in horror shows and movies. While I LOVE the Walking Dead (which also begins again in two weeks, and I’m probably going to be doing blog posts for also) they can REALLY take a note from AHS page on how to write female characters. Just base them off of Lana. All of them. Kay? Please? Thanks.



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