Horrors Past Part 2: Best AHS Villains

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Horror Blog

I have been racking my brain on how to do this post. There have been SO MANY great baddies in the past three seasons on AHS to choose from- frankly, it is hard to choose just three. Then, on top of that, how am I to structure this? What do I base “best” off of? “Best” could mean anything really. Should I do best as in most enjoyable villains? Or best as in most evil? Or best as in most fleshed out? Ugh. I’m really torn. So what I think I am going to go with is most evil here. These are the bad of the bad out of each season. Following the main three, will be some honorable mentions of villains I quite enjoy.

So let’s begin again.

3.) Dr. Oliver Threadson/The original Bloody Face

This guy is sick.  He’s a monster (as so many AHS villains are.) Threadson takes out his mommy issues on surrogate mothers whom he kidnaps, rapes and tortures. The good doc is a majorly deprived, demented psychopath.

What really entices us though is (like my number two choice is) how manipulative he is. He acts as a normal psychiatrist during the day, and totally has our cast of characters wrapped around his finger. He convinces Kit to confess to being Bloody Face only to screw him over and condemn him, and convinces Lana that he can help her- only to kidnap her and make he yet another victim of his heinous crimes.

He does get his though. Lana confronts him one last time and ends up killing him. Too bad he left a legacy… within her.

2.) Tate Langdon

Please. For all that is good in your life- just forget for a second how attractive Tate/ Evan Peters is. Yes he’s attractive, and yes he is charming… but THAT IS THE POINT. And it is one that many people, for some reason, can’t get past. I have friends who constantly forgave Tate for his actions  just because he is attractive. (I know this is fiction, but please bare with me.) NO. No no no, nothing he does is forgivable. He is a lying lie face.

You know what’s a lie?


And this.

This too.

And especially this.

You know what is true? This-

Dr. Harmon: “You’re a psychopath, Tate. It’s a mental disorder, and therapy can’t cure it.”

Tate: “So that’s your diagnosis? I’m a psychopath?”

Ben: “Yep, and the worst kind.”

I honestly believe and thing that Tate is one of the closest things to pure evil we have gotten outside of Papa Legba. He is, as Violet puts it, the “darkness.” He not only lies, but manipulates people and their emotions, he has killed and maimed many many people before and after his death, and to top it off he raped Vivian Harmon which indirectly led to her death upon the birth of the child he impregnated her with, who also happens to be the anti-Christ by the way.

Yeah. Tate is evil. He’s not even enjoyable to me really. Each time I rewatch season one my hate for the character grows. Tate is venom, pulsing through everyone’s lives in that series- especially Violets. And Violet represents pretty much everyone watching who fell/falls for Tate’s facade.

1.) Madame Delphone LaLaurie 

In case you forgot, that is INFANT BLOOD she is putting on her face right there. She slaughtered a child for that blood. Because she thinks she can- because they were black and she is white.

I would hope that this character would be at the top of anybody’s most vile AHS villains. The scary fact to me is that she actually was a real person. She tortured and murdered many of her slaves in her own house in real life. In the show her cruelty expanded towards her own family and others as well. Some of the scenes with her turned my stomach, which is not easy to do. I love horror, and can typically tolerate a lot. This character had scenes that made me cringe. Tate may be evil… but it took me a while to understand how evil he was and there are times where he does do some good. But with Madame here… EVERYONE understood right away how evil she was and she never redeems herself. Continually throughout the season her hate and racism continues. There seems to be one wavering point but it is faint and fleeting. She gets a great comuppance though at the end of the series, which makes the viewer feel a little better… right? ‘


Kathy Bates, hats off. You are amazing at making hateful characters.

Honerable mentions…

Now these are bad guys that I have a person affinity for, and/or think were really good at being bad as well.

Fiona Goode

Leigh Emerson

Sister Mary

Next time we will discuss the characters with the best arch!


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