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We’re on day three of our AHS Bests lists. Today we’ll be diving in to the characters who I believe have the best arch throughout the seasons. Characters with a beginning, middle, and end. Let’s waist no more time and dive in to part three, shall we?

3.) Cordelia Foxx

Talk about a transformation. This character goes from being kind of a quiet and kind of boring to actually becoming the new supreme by the last episode. She deals with a cheating- witch hunting husband, not being able to get pregnant, the abuse constantly spewed upon her by her mother, haunted, AND she is blinded for half the season after having acid tossed on her eyes. And for most of the season she just takes it. She has a few moments where the claws come out, but all in all she plays out as your typical “good girl/teacher.” Kind of what I’d figure Hermione to be like as an adult except less BA.

But then this character does a complete 180, and turns into the supreme which the coven needs. She heals herself, preforms all of the trials (obviously,) and even stands up to her mother once and for all. She turns into the character we wanted to see all season.

2.) Kit Walker

Yep, he’s on this list too! This character didn’t necessarily have an arching development like my first and third choices do, BUT he does have a story that continues throughout the length of the show and has many parts to it. We are there with him when he’s abducted, and when he comes back only to be accused of being Bloody Face and sent to the asylum. We’re there with him every agonizing moment that he is in Briarcliff, and when he tries to escape and can’t. We’re there when he finds love again, and thinks he loses love again; when he’s attacked and set up by Threadson- the real Bloody Face; When his innocence is proven, and he is reunited with Grace and Alma and finds out he is a father. And finally we are there when he’s left alone to raise his kids after Alma kills Grace and is sent to the asylum. We’re there when Kit takes pity on Jude and helps rehabilitate her in his own home and when he eventually “disappears.”

We love Kit. He was an honest, sincere character. He was, like I said in part one, a good guy. He constantly got thrown in horrible situations, and still not only maintained his sanity but his hope. He gave us all the feels, probably more than any other character in AHS thus far- and it was all because of his story being told.

1.) Sister Jude

Sister Jude is one of my favorite characters is all of television, and she did not start out that way. She started out as a character I loved to hate. She was so self righteous, and seemed to hurt/”discipline” othersĀ  out of her own amusement and anger rather than because God was compelling her to do so. And she didn’t just hurt people, but humiliated them and beat them beyond what was necessary. As her story developed in the season she seemed to be one of the biggest sinners of all. We all wanted her to get her comeuppance but at the same time we didn’t. When it finally did come… we wanted to back-peddle fast. She was subjected to the same amount of anguish and then some, as our other central characters. The difference… everyone forgot about Sister Jude. She was left to rot in Briarcliff, and becomes insane for a time.

Even during the times when we despised her, we cheered her on. She was a strong woman, who had aspirations and goals and she was met at every turn with patriarchal demands and roadblocks. She wanted to make something of herself and overcome he demons… they were just too strong. And in the end only the compassion of another (YAY, KIT… and his kids, and maybe aliens too) could help save her.

Jude was a character we watched grow from a hateful old nun, to a tortured soul, and blossom in to a compassionate yet still strong willed and minded woman. This is a great feminist character that goes through man trials and tribulations and in the end comes out on top.

Tomorrow, we’re going to head in to some really messed up territory with AHS’s Most F’ed Up Moments