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I know this is a little late, but give me a break! I just came back from seeing Annabelle- which I will have a review for up tomorrow.

Our four part look at AHS seasons past is coming to a close. But before we can call it quits, we have to go “there.” Yep, these are the moments for which this series is notorious for. The scenes engraved into your memory that you wish you could forget. Those scenes that make you cringe in fear, disgust, and sometimes curiosity. I don’t believe there is any other show on right now that can begin to hold a candle to some of AHS’ darkest moments.

Now, unlike my previous lists, I’ll be keeping the explanations for these short but the list itself will be just a tad longer than three.

So, wrapping it up, here are my top AHS F’ed up moments.

5.) Sister Mary/The Demon rapes Monsignor Howard- AHS: Asylum

Now, Monsignor Howard is by no means a good man in this series but at times he does try and do the right thing. Like trying to exorcise Sister Mary in order to save her soul. Too bad that doesn’t really work out for him, and he is defiled by the demon.

4.) Cleaning The Soul- AHS: Coven

The Ramsey’s are your typical super conservative Christians. Too bad for them they move in right next to a coven of witches… witches who all think that Luke, the Ramsey boy, is some good eye candy. So what does mother Ramsey do? Basically becomes the new Margaret White and punishes her son for fraternizing with the enemy. So she then forces him to strip, cleans him with bleach, and preforms an enema. Then she binds and gags him and throws him in a closet.

Yeah… that’s, um… great parenting.

3.) Milk Does the Body Good- AHS: Asylum

So this is a two-fer that involves both the original and new Bloody Face. They both have the same mommy issues, same feeling of abandonment, and longing to be breastfed. They each get their wish.

2.) Queenie and the Beast- AHS: Coven

Remember that time when the Minotaur attempts to mount Queenie in the greenhouse? Yeah. Me either.

And finally……

1.) Bedtime for Kyle- AHS: Coven

Do I need to say anymore? ANYBODY who has watched this series will tell you that this is easily the most screwed up scene so far. It makes you feel gross watching it. It starts off all nice and sweet and then just escalates to insane levels quickly. “Yay! His mommy is so happy he’s back home. Okay, she’s crawling in to bed with him. That’s okay- she thought he was dead, so she just wants to be by him. That’s okay. Okay she’s kissing him. She loves him; that’s okay! Okay, kiss is going on too long. … Where… is that hand…? NOOOOOPE. ”

So that’s it people. My AHS bests (well… best is somewhat relative, isn’t it (especially for this list.)) I’m really looking forward to this season, and the creators are saying it is not just scary but super messed up. Especially when it comes to this new villain, Twisty. They not only say that he will be the scariest clown ever made, but that some of his scenes they believe have gone “too far.” We will see, NEXT WEDNESDAY- October 8th!