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American Horror Story, Hannibal, Bates Motel, Sleepy Hollow. You want to know what all of these shows have in common (well… besides all being horror related?) None of them would have been here, I believe, without AMC’s The Walking Dead first taking network by the throat in 2010. TWD does for cable horror what the original Halloween did for the slasher genera. It transformed it, and made it a staple in entertainment. TWD is now one of TV’s biggest (if not THE biggest) show, bringing in between 15 and 16 million views. (

TWD is my favorite show on television. Don’t get me wrong American Horror Story is up there, and there are a few other shows I watch. But I can say honestly, without a doubt, that no other show captivates me and in some way inspires me like TWD does. I love the comics too. The comics are equally as amazing and captivating, if not more so sometimes and the video games (the TellTale games I mean) which are based off of the comics, continue the trend. Be it the show, the comics, or the games, no other title has both terrified me and ripped me apart emotionally like TWD does. But for this post I’m mainly going to focus on the show.

I remember watching the premiere of the show, Halloween 2010. Normally I would have been working a haunted house that night or doing something else. But I had finals (it was my freshman year of college, so these were my very first finals- and I was already having a rough term so I needed to do well,) which meant I was trying to study. For weeks though all I had seen was previews for the new series on AMC (my TV was permanently on AMC for the month of October, because of Fear Fest) and while I normally would pass up on zombies since, except for a few exceptions, I wasn’t a huge fan of zombie horror I figured what the heck- it’d be good background noise. But as the episode played out I slowly forgot about my studying and watched it not only once, but the encore. Before I new it, it was 12 AM and I still hadn’t really studied. But I didn’t care. I had just watched something I had never seen on TV before. It was gripping, and masterful. I was hooked. Then each Sunday for the next five weeks I religiously watched each episode. When the first season ended I was saddened that I had to wait a whole year before the series returned. I’ve come to be frenemies with that feeling; we’ve become well acquainted over the last four years.

Season two came at a time when I was starting to question my interests, and where I wanted life to take me. I was thinking of changing majors from geology to theatre and The Walking Dead as well as the new American Horror Story were sources of entertainment and escape for me. Until the second to last episode of season two. Yeah, Shane’s death. That episode is something that I consider a HUGE part of why I want to be an actor. Previsously that season we had dealt with the death of Sophia as well as Dale. While those deaths were shocking, and sad… this was different. It was raw and emotional, and I have never had a TV show before have me in tears. Yeah, I admit. I was bawling. It was amazing. But it was only the first time. Since then other episodes like that would come, taring at my heart.

Each season after the first continued to consume me. And while the TV show differed from the events in the comics, as I read the books I knew what awaited our main cast. Even so every death, every loss is still felt. For me, the characters are genuine- only missing the mark a few times in the series. The writing is real, and heartfelt and the violence is brutal. We’ve grown to love characters, and we’ve grown to hate characters; we hate characters we loved, and love characters we hated. We’ve been scared, angered, and saddened time and time again. And that trend, with not only season 5 upon us but season 6 already confirmed, will not likely change. I mean… we’ve barely even gotten to tip of the iceberg of events in the comics.

This guy-


I feel is on the horizon soon. Maybe not this season, but soon. And that thought sends shivers down my spine. If you don’t know what happens in the comics… well, if you think the group has been through Hell already, it hasn’t even started.

So I sit anxiously, anticipating this “explosive” premiere on Sunday. Like it or hate it, TWD is here to stay my friends. I love the show, as I’ve said. I’m not just looking forward to this Sunday but I literally cannot stop talking about it. I’ve been reading and rereading comics, and rewatching past episodes. This week is amazing. My two most favorite shows coming back on TV. I’ll be one of the millions watching both shows, which I know will both be awesome. I’m ready to be consumed again.