My Top 5 Film Picks of the Year

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Film
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It’s New Year’s Eve, everyone!  And I’ve chosen to end the year with a reflective list of my top five favorite films of the year. Now, just to clarify, these are the films that I enjoyed the most. These aren’t the films that I think are necessarily going to bring in the Oscars (my Oscar’s post will come closer to the actual event!) These are the films of 2014 that compelled, inspired, and entertained me the most. Obviously ones that I have listed are ones that I have seen. There are still many that I haven’t gotten around to yet. Birdman, and Babadoook… lookin’ at you.

Before we get on to the main five here are some honorable mentions, in no real order:

The Lego Movie

Captain America: Winter Soldier 


X-Men: Days of Futures Past



How to Train Your Dragon 2

Into the Woods

So with out further adieu, here are my top 5 films of the year!

5.) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 

A surprisingly intense and emotional sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes, this film delivered with everything I wanted and more. Fairly solid character development, and outstanding visuals made this film a real treat. People have gone on and on about Andy Serkis’ performance as Cesar, and I too am on that bandwagon. He’s great. He is the mo-cap equivalent to Lon Chaney as far as I’m concerned and I think it’s high time he’s recognized for that. His Caesar drove the heart of the film, and made us actually begin to hope for the extinction of the human race.

4.) Interstellar

Probably one of my most anticipated films of the year did not let down on expectations. It was a well crafted story, and had some really emotional moments backed up by some great acting by the lead cast. Gripping, powerful, and visually stunning Chris Nolan proves again that he is one of the top directors in Hollywood, creating a Space Odyssey for this generation. While the film is slightly bogged down in the third act by some technical jargon, the overall film makes up for it in how well crafted it is all around. If you haven’t seen this film on the big screen yet, you’re doing yourself a MAJOR disservice.

3.) Guardians of the Galaxy 

I’ll be honest and say that even with James Gunn, Chris Pratt, and Bradly Cooper (among many others involved) I was not expecting a lot from this film. What I saw, when the film was announced, was the first possible bomb for Marvel. But then came the trailer, and I was seriously reconsidering my stance. I was excited but still not sure of how it would all play out in the end. Then I saw the film and HOLY CRAP was I blown away. This film is a marvelous, comedic romp through every action/adventure/scifi film of the 70’s-80’s there is while still adding some of it’s own unique Marvle-icousness to the mix.  The film is over the top, exciting, and down right funny as hell. See it. SEE IT NOW.

2.) Nightcrawler

God, I loved this film. Everything about it was outstanding. It got under my skin, it thrilled me, and it shocked me. Three things not easy to do, especially all at the same time. Jake Gyllenhaal deliverers one of the best performances so far in his career.  He turns himself body and soul into this conniving, twisted, fairly psychotic little weasel of a man.  His performance alone is reason enough to see the movie. This film is guaranteed to give you some shivers more than once.

1.) Gone Girl

This film left me speechless. I can only remember a handful of times that has ever happened when I watched a movie. I was dumbfounded when the film ended, and in a good way. This film is the definition of master storytelling. Like Nightcrawler, it is bound to get under your skin many times throughout. No other film of 2014 impacted me the way that Gone Girl did. Well acted all around, and well crafted this film is sure to leave you guessing all the way through (well, unless you’ve read the book I guess!) This film deserves any and all nominations heading it’s way.

Now that I’ve shared mine, what were your top films of 2014?


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