Catching Up to Do

Posted: September 12, 2016 in Blog

1I’d like to sincerely apologize in this moment for the huge gaps in my posts. The past few months… well, the past year actually has been incredibly crazy. Lots of downs and ups. It has been especially the past month though as many of those close to me know.

I feel like a lot of writers/artists/creative people always have stints of absence in their work. I’ve been focusing a lot of time and effort into my current webseries Dare to Chance, which is a kind of sequel to last year’s Jack’s Maniac’s series. That’s really been my only creative outlet for the past month though. I’m hoping that soon I’ll get back to making posts regularly again here- at least in some capacity. I want to thank those of you who still read and look through my old posts, and those who are checking back regularly for updates. Sorry that there hasn’t been more.

I will say, I think the past few months have given me a lot to write about. And with Halloween coming up, obviously there’s even more. I also have a lot of Jurassic stories still left to tell (and always will,) and some general acting muses. So stay tuned, and once again thanks for the support and understanding.




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