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I’ve now seen Jurassic World three times, and have enjoyed it every time. It’s a fun thrill ride of a film, and now is the film with the second highest grossing weekend at the box office of all time!  While I really enjoyed the film and think it’s a great addition to the franchise, there are some thoughts and questions that have been keeping me up at night that I had along the way while watching it.  I thought that maybe I’d highlight a few of them here.

1.) The opening is awesome and a nice homage to Alien I feel… but I really would have liked a flashback for the opening instead I think. All of the JP films have great prologues and I feel like it would have been cool to see some of the post-1993 incident clean up or even the recapture of the rex or something.

2.) The bird in snow shot is wonderful, and is actually the only reference we get to the dino-bird relationship in the whole film.

3.) Okay, JW is open and it looks spectacular- everything I would want and expect in a Jurassic Park. But why? I mean, know why because I followed the online marketing but it’s not actually explained in depth in the film past John Hammond willing JP to Masrani. Last time we saw Hammond he had gone from “capitalist to naturalist” and was more concerned about protecting the animals. Now he thinks the park is a good idea again? Also… after all the incidents and deaths of the three previous films combined, how did they actually convince anybody that this would be a good idea again?

4.) The I. rex introduction is amazingly perfect.

5.) The innovation center is breathtaking. It’s like the Discovery Center at Islands of Adventure on digital roids.

6.) I actually don’t mind the raptor training at all… but why breed them in the first place. Even if they are for this military experiment who thought it was a good idea to take the most dangerous, human hating animals created at JP? The animals that are responsible for the most deaths in the series, and try and train them. Did anybody think that maybe, for once, you shouldn’t breed raptors?

7.) Why is the rex CGI? Also, I wish I could have seen more Jurassic World carnivores in captivity other than the  rex (albeit briefly,) and raptors.

8.) I feel like it’s now a statistic for kids of divorcees to end up on Isla Nublar or Isla Sorna. That should be in an ad: “Our park is sure to make your kids forget about your separation, because they’ll be too busy running from dinosaurs!”

9.) Speaking of Sorna… what the hell happened to it? They are acting, once again, like Nublar is the factory floor (like they did in the original film.) Is there nothing going on on Sorna? Or is it just so overrun by dinosaurs that they were like “screw it, we only need the one island” ?

10.) Zach is probably a bigger dick than any other human villain in the JP series.

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11.) Mosa is awesome. Period.

12.) We really haven’t seen all of I. rex yet so when her actual reveal happens I really would have wished they did more of the JP rex full reveal and roar from the first film rather than I.rex suddenly blocking Owen’s escape and we only see half of her. It’s like they can’t decide if they want to show us I. rex or not.

13.) Why not have a access door at… both side of the paddock for people?

14.) The moment where I. rex searching for grady is super suspenseful and well done. Plus the I. rex looks beautiful.

15.) Petting zoo is cute and the riding of the baby trike is a nice reference to a cut scene from the first film and the novel.

16.) I’s so glad Wu is back. All of his scenes in this film are gold- mainly because it follows his character from the novel to a T.

17.) I’m already kind of “done” with the amount of comedy in the film. It’s just a personal thing, although I realize that they need to offset the amount of violence in the film. But does every film have to be so “funny” now? Age of Ultron had the same issues. I get some of it, but a lot is unneeded and out of character for some. It makes me really happy they cut the poop scene with Claire later.

18.) The moment when Claire walks in to control and everyone is quiet is awesome. Wish there were more moments like that in the film. It’s really effective.

19.) The I. rex coming out of hiding via camo is one of the most amazing things I have seen in the JP series, and something I’ve been waiting for since Crichton’s The Lost World. Also, the moment it takes out the ACU unit is a great nod to Aliens.

20.) Also, love the blood on the wrist. “Which way is the drop going to roll off?”

21.) Yay! Fallon mention’s dilophosaurs! So… wait, they’re in Jurassic World? Why haven’t we seen them yet!?

22.) The gyrosphere ride is awesome, and leads to a great “It’s a dinosaur” scene.

23.) Why are the stegos nearly dragging their tails here but weren’t earlier on when they were at the river?

24.) I’m going to assumed I. rex broke the gate open that the boys enter the restricted zone through… but if so, why is the I. rex still in the jungle and not rampaging through the valley yet towards the park?

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25.) The I. rex looking at the boys ala JP rex style should have been a practical effect…

26.) Dying apatosaur scene is a near tearjerker. It’s seriously right up there with the sick trike from JP.

27.) Old park scene(s) = BEST moments in the whole film. Just wish we could have stayed there longer. How did the boys end up here anyway? Also… why is the norther side of the island “restricted” if it seems like any ol’ JW employee can trounce around there at any time? Are there supposed to be wild dinosaurs around? What haven’t we seen any? And if so is that what killed the JW worker whose helmet Gray finds, or was that supposed to be I. rex again?

28.) AH! Pterosaur beak killing ACU. GREAT reference to he cut final sequence of The Lost World.

29.)  Masrani dies and it’s sad… but still would have liked to had more time to get to know him. It’s not as sad as if, say, Hammond was to have died in the first film. Also… the trailers totally ruined it.

20.)Why do the pteros look so different… again?

21.) Jesus, what are these pteros MADE OF!?

22.) I can deal with almost everything these pteros can do except for it lifting a baby trike off the ground. Cool shot but… no.

23.) The pteros diving through the water is actually probably one of the coolest things they do in the film.

24.) Zara’s death is OVERKILL. Man, I mean she wasn’t a horrible person. Also the mosa’s appearance seems kind of the same as the one we’ve gotten before.

25.) Why are Owen and Claire kissing? Pteros… still flapping around everywhere. Not really the time or place.

26.) You’re going to tell me they tranquilized all the pterosaurs? All of them?

27.) It gets dark fast in Jurassic World.

28.) Really wanted Claire to either punch Hoskins instead or after Owen.

29.) Raptors turning on humans is probably one of the best moments in the whole film. It’s scary and is a really great mixture of the tall grass scene and Muldoon’s death. Also a little bit of Aliens thrown in again.

30.) YEAH, ROCKET LAUNCHER! Just like the novel. Man, I’m loving all these small nods to Crichton’s work.

31.) Okay, so Wu is cool using dinos for military. He wants to innovate because God complex. I get it. But damn it, now we’re going to be wondering what happens with those embryos now.

32.) Still… no BioSyn.

33.) Really Hoskins wasn’t a bad guy, he just makes some seriously bad judgement calls and is a dick. His intentions are good though. … … Still loved his death though.

34.) You know… we never do find out everything that is in I. Rex.


36.) Blue siding with Owen all of a sudden reminds me of Hiccup and Toothless…

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37.) Rexy emerging from the darkness is AWESOME AS HELL.

38.) Epic final fight is epic. Although they missed a chance to have it in the rain.

39.) Pretty sure Colin Trevorrow, when shooting the last scene, had a Spielberg JP moment and said “I think the star of  this movie is the mosasaur” then threw it in as the one being heroic and killing I. rex. Because… let’s be honest. Rexy and Blue were gonna have their hides handed to them.

40.) Okay, totally get animals teaming up to take out a common threat- okay. But I really REALLY think the rex should have roared/chased Blue away instead of having that “good job bro” look at each other. I mean, at one point Blue uses Rexy as a springboard to pounce on the I. rex. That means her claws dug into Rexy’s back… I’d be pissed. Those claws are sharp- as the scars on Rexy’s neck can attest to. Her chasing Blue away would have saved us that Owen nod to Blue as well…

41.) Also unless you saw the scars and put two and two together and/or followed the marketing for the film you would totally not realize that this was the same rex from the first film. There should have been a scene explaining it or showing her recapture. Also, wish more of her was practical effects instead of CG.

42.) I really don’t like the love story. At least I don’t like a lot of the moments that involve it. I would have much rather Owen and Claire looked at each other like Ellie and Alan do in the end of JP that the whole “for survival” bit.

43.) Yeah, I see some straggling pteranodons. Who’s gonna keep them from getting off the island? Also… once again, unless you follow the marketing for the film you wouldn’t know what happened to the pteros at the end of JP3.

44.) Epic emotional final shot is epic and really emotional.

The park is open! Run, to go see Jurassic World in cinemas now!

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Yep, we’ve all seen it by now and everyone has their thoughts on the matter. I would have chimed in sooner (as in yesterday, when the picture was released on Suicide Squad director David Ayer’s twitter,  but I was out of town. Still, better late than never.

Now, take my opinion for what it’s worth– which is pretty much a dime a dozen on the internet. There are millions of us comic fanatics out there and, as I said, everyone who has seen this image by now most likely already has their minds made up as to how they feel about it.

First I’ll go through my initial thoughts and feelings about this picture of our new DC Cinematic Universe Joker.  I’ll focus more on the image in general and less on whether or not I think Leto will do well in the role because, well… I think he’ll be freaking fantastic (but I’ll wait until I see some video before I make any real judgments.)


First off and most notably… tattoos. Lots of tattoos. This is probably the only thing I am conflicted about. Let me say off the bat that I have NO problem with Joker having tattoos. One of my favorite comic book images of the Joker is the Jim Lee Joker from All Star Batman & Robin with Joker having a giant dragon on his back. Plus I’ve done drawings in the past where Joker has the card suit symbols tattooed on his knuckles- so I have no issue with Joker having body art.

While All Star Batman & Robin is considered a sub par arch, at best,  the Joker’s scene in this book in which he has sex with a woman before strangling her is cold and chilling to watch. It’s also important to note that this ends up being the same Joker that we see in The Dark Knight Returns. Overall the Frank Miller Joker is hailed as one of the best depictions of the character, and it seems like between this and the way they are styling the new DCCU’s Batman that the film universe is being heavily inspired by Miller’s work.

My issue with this depiction isn’t the fact that Joker has tattoos, but specifically the kind of tattoos he has- at least based on the comment’s I’ve been seeing on the internet. I’ll focus on the body first. I have no problem with the body tattoos. I feel like “meta” is an overused term in today’s entertainment industry, but that’s what comes to mind when I see these tats.  From the smile, to the joker skull, to the comic book-esque “HA’s”—these are all images that are centered around or inspired by the Joker’s character. And the Joker is one of the few comic book characters that breaks the fourth wall in comics, so in a way he’s kind of doing that with his body art as well. He’s acknowledging his comic book origins with the laugh art (the “HA’s”)- that litter the pages he’s on. The skull and the smile remind me of fan art. (and there are TONS of Joker inspired art out there, you needn’t look far)

Now, people seem to have an issue with the art being scattered all over his body. While don’t have a problem with that, I can see where they are coming from. Many people say he looks more like a Joker-goon and less like the Joker. Most of Joker’s goons worship him and have often been depicted as covering their bodies in tats and clown themed body paint. But I can also see Joker getting tattoos himself. I mean… he’s a suuuuper vain character. He only loves himself and… well Batman in his “own way.” So I can totally picture him having tattoos, specifically ones about himself, and maybe a little bat somewhere…
But the tattoos on his face… well that’s another story. I’m just not a big fan of facial tats, period. On anybody. It’s just a personal preference. But for the same reason I can see Joker having tattoos, I can’t see him having tats on his face- he’s vain. He loves himself. So why would he damage his face? But then again, in the comics, he let this happen…

So… who knows. The J under the eye isn’t as nearly as bad as the ‘damaged’ on his forehead. That is the ONE thing I really really hate on this Joker. But once again, I don’t think of the Joker as damaged, as someone who would picture himself as damaged in any way. That word being on his forehead seems forced, “look at me- I’M CRAZY!” The Joker doesn’t need that, and it kind of cheapens this depiction for me.

But in the end… when the Joker dons his garb most of his body will be covered anyway. everything… but his face. Sigh.

Secondly, the teeth. Yes, the Joker has grills in this image. And I may be booed at for this but, I really don’t care about them. I’m not thrilled about it I guess, but at the same time I understood why they were there right away. How many times has Batman, as well as many other vigilantes punched Joker to the point that he ends up losing one or even more teeth? Answer: tons. It happens almost all the time in every medium that Batman and the Joker fight in. It makes sense that Joker would have some false teeth or protected teeth by now. So I have no problem with it really. The silver grills are a bit too “thug” for me, but like I said I understand the creative choice.

Third, his physique is FANTASTIC. Not only does Leto have the acting chops to do the Joker, but his body is perfect (at least in my mind. One of my favorite representations of the Joker is in Grant Morrison’s R.I.P arch, and I think Leto pulls of that look perfectly.

Give this man some razor blades and we are good to go!  I’m actually kind of hoping that Ayer is “damn all” with rating worries and goes all out to make Suicide Squad as brutal as the comics these characters originate from. If that happens and Leto embodies Morrison’s Joker as well as Miller’s  and Moore’s (which he’s also taking obvious inspiration from) he’s literally an Azzarello away from bringing the pan-ultimate horrific combination of Joker’s ever to screen.

Lastly, I want to talk about the overall look of Joker, as far as the facial expression and pose goes. Some may say it’s kind of forcing the crazy, but to me it’s a really nice nod to Moore’s work on The Killing Joke which, anybody who loves the Joker knows that story. 

The inspiration is obvious. And it’s not the first time Ayer and Leto have shown that they are taking inspiration from TKJ as well.

In the end. I want to remind everyone that the film is still over a year away from being released and only just started production a few weeks ago. If this ends up being the Joker we get, as long as the performance is great I can probably get over the look… facial tattoos and all. And…even though we might not agree with all of the creative decisions made on this design, it’s important to note that we don’t know the reasons for these choices. I mean, who knows. Maybe this is just one version of the Joker in a single scene where he’s hallucinating, or “performing” ala Tom Hardy in Bronston style. We just don’t know. Don’t be too quick to judge. Because I remember the reactions when another picture hit the internet several years ago…

And look how that turned out.